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 Wholesale Injectors knows how expensive it can be to have your diesel injectors repaired.  It’s simply what we do, and we offer a complete line of rebuilding parts for injectors to fuel your LB7 and LLY Duramax.  Whether you’re simply looking for a little more power to pull your fifth wheel, or trying to eliminate that “cloud” of smoke you are creating, Wholesale Injectors has just the kits for you.    Right now we carry OEM stock sizing and 30 over injectors for the horsepower gain.  You can choose from the different size injectors from the Products page, and decide what would work best for you.  

  • Just installed the basic kit to cure hazing problem (bad). Seems to have completely solved problem. Thanks for the pre install info, and not trying to upsell me. This truck has almost 290k on it. Very happy.
    Nozzle tips for LB7
  • products are awesome!
  • After months of research for the most cost-efficient way to solve my hazing issue . I chose wholesale injectors for their budget friendly injector rebuild kit. After rebuilding and installing my injectors my truck fired right up and runs beautiful and saved thousands of dollars ! now I have the pride of saying I completed it on my own with the help of www.wholesaleinjectors.com
    Big savings
  • My 03 lb7 truck was hazing ..I purchased the nozzles in a kit ..did the rebuild myself and no more hazing. . Dealer wanted $5000 to do the job. ..my cost $485.00 from wholesaleinjectors.com. very good parts and video thanks
  • I bought the complete set for my LB7, was not as hard as i thought it would be to fix. With assistance from the guys at Wholesale Injectors, My smoking issue and knocking are fixed at a fraction of the cost. Thanks Again!
    Great Product, Fixed my issue